Original spare parts for maximum efficiency of your machine.

As well as producing unique systems and machines, we have always offered a complete range of high-quality tools and spare parts which enables the best results.

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High level of service

Keeping a very high level of service is a must for all our after sale service personnel.

Our service management techniques and software tools ensure continuous improvement and the best service available in the market today.

It is possible to order spare parts or tools at any time by communicating the part code to the Spare Parts Service (+39 0332 876111), which can supply an immediate estimate and promptly check the availability of the part.

+39 0332 876111

If we do not receive a code, our staff is able to find the number if they are supplied with a description, design or technical drawing. Furthermore, using specific software, they can aid the work of researching and substituting the part on the machine itself.

Automated warehouse

Our warehouse, which is completely automated, sends all spare parts that are available by courier on a daily basis, to minimize delivery times.

All our subsidiaries are also equipped with the latest spare parts management tools and storage system to satisfy local demand. Original Ficep spare parts enjoy the same reliability as our products and are guaranteed for a year after the purchase date. We guarantee the support and availability of a spare part on all running CNC machines, for a minimum of 10 years and in certain cases over 20 years.

Our distribution network guarantees rapid and reliable delivery throughout the world. More than 10,000 articles are always available in our Gazzada warehouse and our service is constantly monitored and analyzed with the aim of guaranteeing the highest level of client satisfaction.

Automated warehouse
Ficep spare parts container
Ficep spare parts container

During long installation cycles, where new factories are possibly located in remote areas, we assist their personnel with a spare parts and installation container. This approach confirms the availability of tools necessary to accomplish the installation in the most professional manner.

Tools & consumables

We produce internally punches and dies, marking tools, blades and all other related tools.

Furthermore, we collaborate with the best manufacturers in the world to supply sawing blades, drilling and cutting tools. To obtain the best quality output, we have in place agreements with the best international companies to supply outstanding tooling like Hypertherm consumables, Harris consumables, Lenox saw blades, Kanefusa carbide blades, Kennametal drilling tools, Amec drilling tools, etc. which we also keep in our stock.

For the choice of tools, our TOOLS catalogue is available, where you will find all the tools that we propose.

The tools listed in the catalogue are sent within 24/48 hours of receiving the order as a standard.

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Our structured global network can assist you for any requirement about sales, after-sales support, training and spare parts supply.

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