Bridge girders and welded structures drilling


Plates thermal cutting, drilling and milling


High performance sections multi-spindle drilling, sawing and thermal cutting

The design flexibility, durability and strength of steel bridges has proven to be the best solution around the world.

The fabrication of steel bridges includes many stringent and unique regulations as it relates to their fabrication. The Ficep engineering team have focused on this important metal working industry to develop specific automated solutions to address the needs of bridge fabricators.

Starting with plate processors that focus on drilling for the thicker plates but also with punching capability for the thinner plates to automated drilling lines for girders up to 4 meters (157”) in depth.

The success of the Ficep product line for bridge fabrication is confirmed by the fact that you can’t pass over many steel bridges around the world that have not been fabricated to some extent on Ficep equipment!

Our solution in details

ENTERPRISE – Automatic gantry CNC drilling line for bridge girders and welded structures

The Enterprise eliminates the laydown requirement when drilling bridge girders

Traditionally, bridge fabricators around the world have found it necessary to lay down one girder end to end with the next girder to layout the connection holes. The Enterprise obsoletes this practice which has numerous benefits.

Drastically frees up shop space by eliminating the valuable area required if the laydown process is employed.
A unique triple laser technology quickly probes all relevant surfaces of the actual girder. Once the girders actual geometry is determined the Enterprise software shifts the hole patterns as required to compensate.
All drill heads features sub-axis spindle positioning so offset connection holes in multiple surfaces can be generated simultaneously.
The web spindle can rotate up to 90 degrees left and right to perform milling on each end of the girder.
Layout for stiffeners etc. can be generated on three surfaces.
The system can be furnished with an extended bed to permit drilling a girder at one end of the system while the operator is unloading and loading the next girder at the other end.

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GEMINI - automatic gantry CNC drilling, milling and thermal cutting systems for large plates

The gantry style Gemini plate processors deliver unique fabrication capabilities in one work center.

When it comes to plate processing, the Gemini incorporates such plate fabrication operations, with one or two independent spindles, as drilling, milling, scribing, countersinking and more.

The Gemini’s spindle or spindles, each features sub-axis spindle positioning. This design permits typical hole patters to be drilled without the need to un-clamp the material, reposition the gantry and then re-clamp the plate after each operation. This feature is ideal also for such other operations as milling where the plate can be rigidly clamped during milling.

The Gemini can also be equipped with multiple oxy-fuel and plasma torches for both straight and bevel thermal cutting operations.

In plate processing applications that do not require milling Ficep’s Kronos maybe the right solution for your firm.

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VALIANT - Automatic CNC drilling, drilling & band sawing, drilling & coping lines for sections

The Valiant CNC drilling line features unique capabilities when fabricating structural steel.

The Valiant represents the latest evolution in our drill line range and is joined with the Orient and Vanguard drilling lines from Ficep

This product line is a new three-spindle system for the processing of the complete range of rolled structural steel shapes. These new models are the result of the constant commitment by our Engineering Team in addressing the requirements of the world’s structural steel fabricators. In addition to the many industry leading innovative designs and features of the other structural steel drilling lines in our range, the Valiant incorporates several additional unique features and benefits, as described here below.

• Sub-axis spindle positioning on all three spindles
• Diverse milling capabilities include for example weld prep, rat holes, copes, flange thinning, large holes, mechanical openings and more
• Scribe on four sides simultaneously.
• 14 positioin tool changer for each spindle
• Can be integrated in tandem with a Ficep saw or robot for thermal cutting

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