Sections and plates shotblasting with up to 18.5 kW power turbines


Plates thermal cutting and drilling


Plate edge milling

With particular reference to the wind tower world, the challenge today is to satisfy the demand of more powerful towers. This means well dimensioned foundations with higher towers having bigger diameter, considerable material thickness and extremely tight tolerances. Ficep faces this challenge with its own solution in the pre-rolling plate preparation process, which typically includes:

  • Plates transferred from the external stocking area to shotblasting machines thanks to our automatic or semi-automatic handling systems, including roller conveyors and cross transfer tables

  • Shotblasting systems

  • Plates transferred through our handling systems to an inter-operational buffer

  • Thermal cutting with our KRONOS systems

  • Milling, scribing, marking with our ENERGY

Watch the complete video of the solution for the Onshore & Offshore Wind Industry

Our solution in details

RB - Shotblasting systems

Ficep offers a variety of roller conveyors for different applications for the treatment of steel plates and profiles in the steel fabrication and steel preparation industries. The machines can be delivered as stand-alone units or integrated into fully automatic systems.

RB range demonstrates the highest performance for blasting plates and profiles, being equipped with the latest version of the TITAN shot blast wheels. These wheels offer excellent blasting performance and unbeatable service life due to the main blast components made of hardened tool steel.

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KRONOS - Automatic gantry CNC high definition plasma & oxy cutting system for plates

The Kronos are heavy-duty gantry style plates processors engineered for the preparation of plates for welding. Of course, this is not the only application: Kronos allows the manufacturing of typical connection plates, gussets, stiffeners, etc. from stock material up to the finished piece, carrying out all the processes such us cutting, drilling, tapping and scribing. All operations are completed on one working station without the need to move the plates from one work center to the next and with the supervision of only one single operator.

The Kronos can be equipped with four oxy-fuel torches, one or two high definition plasma torches for straight or bevel cuts, using the latest generation Hypertherm XPR170, XPR300 or HPR400XD power sources. It can take advantage of one drilling head with the new 15 kW (20 HP) “Direct Drive” spindle for drilling operations of up to 40mm (1-9/16”) and for scribing operations. Kronos lines can really satisfy every plate processing needs. The bench is made of a robust grid which guarantees the plate stability during processing.

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ENERGY - CNC gantry working center for plates edge milling

Energy is the CNC working center specifically designed and manufactured to mill and mark the plates required for the manufacturing of wind towers, TP and foundations. A powerful and innovative solution that achieves high productivity, versatility and performances. The Energy includes many technological highlights which result in unique advantages for the customers, such as: fast processing speed, high accuracy and excellent chip removal thanks to the power generated by the 70/123 kW (94/165 HP) spindles. Great productivity is achieved and the ability to face challenging working cycles with maximum precision is guaranteed with the use of a high tech probing solution.

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