Plates thermal cutting and drilling


Angles drilling and cutting


Rack and pinion feeding angles punching and shearing

When it comes to transmission towers no firm offers more diverse and productive solutions.

Since the 60’s Ficep has focused on the development of specific plate and angle solutions for the tower industry.

The engineered solutions, for angle fabrication include such operations as punching, drilling, notching, marking, shear and sawing with the related material handling automation.

In addition to angle fabrication the capabilities of the Ficep plate processors are uniquely compatible with the requirements of tower fabricators around the world.

Our commitment to the tower industry does not stop with just the fabrication of plates and angles. Our partnerships with other leading firms in the area of shot blasting and galvanizing enables us to provide complete turnkey responsibility for a totally new tower shop. This includes the plant layout, equipment selection, installation, training and implementation totally new tower fabrication facilities. This level of experience and expertise makes Ficep the best partner to design and start up your tower fabrication facility?

Our solution in details

XP T - High performance CNC punching and shearing lines for angles

The XP T models are the most recent of Ficep’s angle lines whose features are uniquely identified with this industry. The ability to incorporate the punching of multiple diameter hole sizes with notching, marking and cutting to length addresses the typical needs in tower fabrication. A positive rack and pinion material positioning and measuring system generates industry leading accuracy and speeds up to 120 mt/min (395 FPM).

Additional productivity is achieved with the addition of complementary material loading and unloading systems.

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RAPID - Automatic CNC high-speed drilling and cutting lines for angles

Some engineering specifications in tower fabrication requires them to be drilled and even saw cut rather than punched and sheared.

To address this requirement, Ficep offers the Rapid angle drilling line. This system features high tech “Direct Drive” drill spindles each with sub-axis spindle positioning. The sub-axis spindle positioning enables holes in both legs to be processed simultaneously even when they do not share the same lineal coordinate. This feature also permits a pattern of holes in each leg to be drilled simultaneously without the need to unclamp the material, position the angle to the next location and re-clamp the angle prior to drilling the next hole. The sub-axis spindle capability can also be utilized to perform milling of larger holes or even milling of the angles heel.

The line can be furnished with marking and a complete complement of material handling for loading and unloading of finished parts.

If shearing the part to length is not permitted in view of the engineering specification, a circular carbide saw can be integrated into the line for cutting to length.

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KRONOS - Automatic gantry CNC high definition plasma & oxy cutting system for plates

The Kronos are heavy-duty gantry style plates processors engineered for the preparation of plates. Kronos allows the manufacturing of typical connection plates, gussets, stiffeners, etc. from stock material up to the finished piece, carrying out all the processes such us cutting, drilling, tapping and scribing. All operations are completed on one working station without the need to move the plates from one work center to the next and with the supervision of only one single operator.

The Kronos can be equipped with four oxy-fuel torches, one or two high definition plasma torches for straight or bevel cuts, using the latest generation Hypertherm XPR170, XPR300 or HPR400XD power sources. It can take advantage of one drilling head with the new 15 kW (20 HP) “Direct Drive” spindle for drilling operations of up to 40mm (1-9/16”) and for scribing operations. Kronos lines can really satisfy every plate processing needs. The bench is made of a robust grid which guarantees the plate stability during processing.

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