21 December 2023



In a world that is rapidly moving towards greater sustainability, FICEP is aware of the important contribution that the industry is called upon to make: not only are production methods under careful observation, but all practices are under scrutiny in terms of their environmental impact in order to intervene where virtuous actions can be implemented.

FICEP collaboration with the trade fair construction company EFGroup, whose virtues are condensed in the slogan “Less Ego, More Eco”, represents a significant step towards the adoption of eco-friendly practices in the marketing activities carried out by FICEP.

EFGroup, known for its pioneering approach to sustainable materials and construction techniques, is the ideal partner for this journey towards a greener future. Together, FICEP has undertaken a number of initiatives aimed at maximizing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. The collaboration focuses on a number of areas:

  • Sustainable Materials:
    A key pillar of the collaboration is the use of environmentally friendly materials. In 2023, FICEP implemented the use of 100% recyclable aluminum and fabric, thus reducing the environmental impact of each set-up. With EFGroup, the company is exploring new frontiers in the use of biodegradable and recycled materials, further reducing the ecological footprint of its marketing activities.

  • Social Responsibility:
    Social responsibility is another crucial aspect of collaboration. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the work ethics code. With 41% of the EFGroup dedicated team consisting of women, FICEP contributes to a fair and stimulating working environment. In addition, the ISO 45001 certification of all staff underlines the ongoing commitment to occupational health and safety.

The tangible results of the cooperation with EFGroup are already visible: in 2023, the company was able to generate a 60% reduction in component weight and a 43% reduction in transport volumes, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from production and logistics. By using 100% renewable energy in the processing of materials and completely reusing them, FICEP proves that it is possible to be both economically and ecologically efficient.

In conclusion, the partnership between FICEP and EFGroup is more than just a corporate collaboration: it is a tangible commitment to selecting suppliers that will support the company on a shared path of absolute respect for the environment.

Small steps that allow the company to look to the future with confidence in a sustainable tomorrow, inspiring other companies to follow suit.

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