14 April 2023

MF MECHANICAL PRESSES: integrated solutions to increase productivity and operational flexibility

MF Presses

Ficep has been offering its steel forging and processing solutions to the global market for nearly one hundred years through a global network articulated in sales offices and agents active worldwide.
Over the years, the directions that characterize the forging industry have evolved, and the company has responded proactively to these developments by always trying to be an active part of the change. In particular, the most recent trend emerging from the forging industry sees a prevailing demand from customers to supply not just single machines, but complete integrated systems. The ability to analyze and respond to a complex technical request, providing a complete solution that integrates multiple technologies, is particularly appreciated by customers, who find in Ficep a competent, specialized interlocutor ready to take charge of the entire order.


The mechanical presses MF series comes in different variants, distinguished mainly by the nominal force (from 2,500 to 50,000 kN).
First of all, Ficep engineers eliminated the traditional double reduction-torque kinematic drive and replaced it with a compact planetary system with a transverse flywheel shaft. This provides several design and construction advantages.
On the construction side, there is also an effective modularity of interchange between single-rod solutions (typical of upstream and downstream preforming and deburring operations) and double-rod (typical of large-table molding) with a transverse flywheel shaft.
The planetary system also allows a flywheel-coupled motor or a direct drive to be used, depending on the type of drive chosen.
The machine is designed with an inverter-driven asynchronous motor coupled to the flywheel, which allows the available energy and molding speed to be varied.


Adjustment of the height of the mold bed is generally done by a mechanism inside the swing mace keeping the bed fixed.
In the MF, things have been reversed, simplifying an expensive and relatively delicate organ such as the sledgehammer adjustment mechanism by moving the adjustment to the mold bed. The result is a more robust mechanism that is easier to maintain.
Also new on the general design front is the MF series, which in full compliance with the philosophy behind Industry 4.0, was created with a digital twin. The Cad model has been “enriched” with all the features and qualities of the various components that make up the machine in order to make it a true “virtual prototype.”
The machine can be controlled both in presence through the control panel and remotely by taking advantage of the many sensors present.


With Ficep today, it is therefore possible to obtain from a single supplier a complete, functional, integrated and efficient solution – the latter competitive factor being decisive in the automotive market. Process integration in the service of production efficiency is particularly appreciated in this sector, which, being marked by the production of large numbers, is always very attentive to the paradigms of the lean manufacturing.

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