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BIEMH 2024

Come to discover the future of steel manufacturing at BIEMH, the international machinery industry exhibition, taking place in Bilbao, Spain, from June 3rd to 7th.

FICEP invites you to visit our booth, where we will showcase our latest technological gem: XBLADE, the new CNC single-spindle line for drilling, tapping, milling, and cutting with a disk blade.

Join the most ambitious edition of BIEMH, where you can immerse yourself in the most innovative solutions and explore the latest technologies in the field.

Our specialized staff will be at your disposal to guide you through the advanced features of XBLADE and answer all your questions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay ahead in the world of metalworking. Visit our booth at BIEMH and be amazed by the power and precision of our XBLADE.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Elevating mechanical forging with precision and adaptability of the MF1800 press

FICEP, a pioneer in the production of mechanical forging, completes its range of systems dedicated to the world of stamping with the mechanical presses of the MF series. FICEP is now able to offer all the systems necessary for the entire process, guaranteeing flexibility of solutions, innovation and assistance over time.

The range consists of several models, distinguished mainly by the nominal force, which ranges from 2500 to 50000 kN.

In general, MF presses are designed to achieve a high degree of resistance, ensuring reliability and durability.
Each part of its structure is electro-welded, thermally normalized and made up of hot-rolled steel elements.
The piston is made of cast steel, the shaft is forged of alloy steel, and the connecting rods are forged of steel. This approach to design and manufacture ensures that the press is able to withstand the most demanding stresses of the forging process, ensuring consistent and reliable performance over time.

Every aspect of the MF presses is carefully designed to deliver precise and intuitive control.
The machine can be easily controlled and is fully equipped with sensors that provide real-time feedback to optimize the performance of the forging process.
This advanced control system allows operators to easily adjust the parameters of the press, ensuring optimal operation and efficient production.

The variable speed motor of the MF presses allows the deformation speed and energy to be changed according to the specific needs of the machining process.
The Desch press drive offers a compact design, high efficiency, easy assembly and operation, low moment of inertia and low braking angle.
This results in quiet operation, increased accuracy and less maintenance, allowing the press to achieve a high cycles without compromising performance.

MF presses offer a wide range of ejector options, designed to further enhance the versatility and efficiency of the forging process. Several types of ejectors are available as an option, including hydraulic type, two lower ejectors, one middle upper ejector, and two upper ejectors.
This variety allows operators to customize the press configuration to the specific needs of the production process, providing greater flexibility and better control over the quality of the finished product.

Introducing the MF 1800: A Paradigm of Excellence
The newcomer to the family of FICEP mechanical presses, MF 1800, fits perfectly into the company’s fleet, bringing with it a series of features and innovations that strengthen its position of excellence in the sector.

One of the distinguishing features of the MF 1800 press is its availability in two configurations: with a single connecting rod, ideal for upstream and downstream preforming and deburring operations, and with a double connecting rod, to perform the function of preforming and stamping with two or more shapes on the table.
This versatility allows operators to tailor the press to the specific needs of each process, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy.

In addition, the MF 1800 press introduces an innovative adjustment of the height of the mould table by means of special wedges, simplifying the mechanism inside the hammer and making it more robust and easier to maintain.
Not only does this optimize the performance of the press, but it also reduces downtime due to maintenance, resulting in higher overall productivity.

The MF 1800 stands out for being available with the Digital Twin in an Industry 4.0 key. This PLC-controlled “digital twin” exactly replicates the behavior of the physical model, but with all the advantages of simulation.

With this innovative technology, operators can test and optimize production processes in a virtual environment, minimizing the risk of errors and increasing the overall efficiency of the production line.

In conclusion, the MF 1800 not only successfully fits into the FICEP range of mechanical presses, but also raises the bar of innovation and performance in the stamping sector.

With its combination of precision, reliability and adaptability, it confirms itself as an indispensable partner for companies looking for advanced solutions for the forging process.

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