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Also this year we will participate in the FORJAMEX conference, one of the most important events related to the forging industry in Mexico.

FICEP will participate to the conference together with the staff of FICEP MEXICO and will present the latest innovations in the forging industry to maximise companies’ productivity.

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We are excited to invite you to our stand at the STEEL FAB 2024 trade fair! This will be an unmissable event dedicated to different sectors of the steel processing industry and to innovations in AI and robotics.

This event will be a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends in the industry and get to know us closely with the support of our qualified staff on the stand!

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Come and visit our stand at METALSHOW. In our booth, together with our local representative Rom Steel Solutions, we will showcase the single-spindle CNC drilling line for the processing of profiles, EXCALIBUR. Thanks to its outstanding performance, Excalibur is extremely versatile and an excellent solution for all sizes companies.

See it live at the fair!

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We look forward to seeing you at CONSTRUMETAL, the congress now in its ninth edition, dedicated to steel construction in South America. The focus of this edition is the promotion of modernisation, safety and production efficiency within the market.

Our staff will be happy to let you explore FICEP high productivity solutions for the steel construction sector.

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MF MECHANICAL PRESSES: integrated solutions to increase productivity and operational flexibility

Ficep has been offering its steel forging and processing solutions to the global market for nearly one hundred years through a global network articulated in sales offices and agents active worldwide.
Over the years, the directions that characterize the forging industry have evolved, and the company has responded proactively to these developments by always trying to be an active part of the change. In particular, the most recent trend emerging from the forging industry sees a prevailing demand from customers to supply not just single machines, but complete integrated systems. The ability to analyze and respond to a complex technical request, providing a complete solution that integrates multiple technologies, is particularly appreciated by customers, who find in Ficep a competent, specialized interlocutor ready to take charge of the entire order.


The mechanical presses MF series comes in different variants, distinguished mainly by the nominal force (from 2,500 to 50,000 kN).
First of all, Ficep engineers eliminated the traditional double reduction-torque kinematic drive and replaced it with a compact planetary system with a transverse flywheel shaft. This provides several design and construction advantages.
On the construction side, there is also an effective modularity of interchange between single-rod solutions (typical of upstream and downstream preforming and deburring operations) and double-rod (typical of large-table molding) with a transverse flywheel shaft.
The planetary system also allows a flywheel-coupled motor or a direct drive to be used, depending on the type of drive chosen.
The machine is designed with an inverter-driven asynchronous motor coupled to the flywheel, which allows the available energy and molding speed to be varied.


Adjustment of the height of the mold bed is generally done by a mechanism inside the swing mace keeping the bed fixed.
In the MF, things have been reversed, simplifying an expensive and relatively delicate organ such as the sledgehammer adjustment mechanism by moving the adjustment to the mold bed. The result is a more robust mechanism that is easier to maintain.
Also new on the general design front is the MF series, which in full compliance with the philosophy behind Industry 4.0, was created with a digital twin. The Cad model has been “enriched” with all the features and qualities of the various components that make up the machine in order to make it a true “virtual prototype.”
The machine can be controlled both in presence through the control panel and remotely by taking advantage of the many sensors present.


With Ficep today, it is therefore possible to obtain from a single supplier a complete, functional, integrated and efficient solution – the latter competitive factor being decisive in the automotive market. Process integration in the service of production efficiency is particularly appreciated in this sector, which, being marked by the production of large numbers, is always very attentive to the paradigms of the lean manufacturing.


Ficep will participate to the 23rd China International Industry Fair. Our staff will be happy to present you the latest innovation in the steel construction sector and to show you how FICEP solutions can increase the productivity of your company.

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We are pleased to return to EMO, the world’s leading trade fair for production technology.

On our stand we will present the high-productivity disc saw for billets mod. S30 addressed to the forging sector; for the steel construction market we will have instead two big news: one is referred to our plate processing range TIPO G series, of which we will present a brand new model. The second news involves instead our single-spindle drilling range for profiles, which will be enriched with a new and unique product on the market!

Write to us now to plan your visit and book the demo to preview the new machines!

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METAL MADRID confirms itself among the main fairs of the Iberian Peninsula and celebrates its 15th edition this year. Ficep could not miss it.

Together with the staff of the FICEP Iberica subsidiary we will present the latest technological innovations dedicated to the steel construction sector to increase the productivity of companies.

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This year, FICEP will once again participate at FABTECH in Chicago, the largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event in North America. Together with the staff of FICEP Corporation, we will showcase the latest innovations in the steel construction industry: in our booth we will present our VALIANT + KATANA automatic drilling and band sawing line for beams, our KRONOS thermal cutting and drilling system for plates, and XP punching and shearing line for angles.

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We look forward to seeing you at Blech EXPO 2023. The focus of the exhibition is to present the entire process chain of cold-formed sheet metal processing and the related cutting, joining and thermal or mechanical connection technology. The fair will be an excellent opportunity to discover how FICEP solutions can add value to steel fabrication.

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We invite you to the 39th edition of INTERMACH. This year the trade show is focused on how the integration of advanced technology solutions is transforming the manufacturing industry in a very significant way.

On our booth, we will show you how FICEP’s Intelligent steel fabrication solutions can optimise and increase your company’s productivity.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair.

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Finally after six years, SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, the world’s leading trade fair for joining, cutting and surfacing technologies, returns in Essen and FICEP could not miss it.

Together with the staff of our subsidiary FICEP DE and our partner AGT Robotics, we will showcase the extraordinary potential of robotic welding and the KRONOS high-productivity thermal cutting and drilling line for plates.

Plan your visit now and book your demo!

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The reorganization of the new production department in Crosio della Valle

A further step forward in terms of production efficiency and quality

The recent reorganization of the production department in Crosio della Valle, equipped with two new Mazak HCN 8800 lines and the advanced FMS automatic pallet handling system, also from Mazak, marks another step forward in the Lean Manufacturing optimization process started by FICEP many years ago.

The Production Manager, Eng. Loris Reato, describes some of the main aspects of this recent upgrade, which leads the company to increase its production capacity of drilling and sawing lines for the steel construction industry by a further 50%. A production infrastructure that provides flexibility and productivity while maintaining high levels of parts precision.

The 6000 sqm machining area, part of a total production area of 14200 sqm, houses two HCN 8800 side-by-side lines with 112 pallets. Each line consists of three horizontal machining centers and three loading stations – two manual and one with a tilt option that gives the opportunity to automate the loading and unloading of parts with a robotic system, for further production optimization.

This department was born more than twenty years ago with the bold vision of the company management to use the best performing machines available on the market: a choice that has proved to be the winning one over the years, with a constant growth in productivity. This new investment fits in this vision” comments Eng. Loris Reato.

The two new lines allow uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day, handling a wide variety of machining operations. In addition, the new unit is equipped with advanced software solutions to optimize the production planning and the work program management.

The central focus of this industrial investment plan is the new FMS system integrated with two 5-axis V100/200N VERSATECH machining centers from Mazak with a 4×2.1 m table and 28 ton load capacity: a completely different and much larger type of machine for machining large parts, which allows the Crosio della Valle facility to produce class A and B components to supply the adjacent assembly areas of the beam drilling and cutting lines.

In addition to these new production units, the reorganization of the assembly activities of the drilling and sawing lines was completed in the new production department. This strategic decision eliminates the need to move parts between different factories, significantly improving efficiency and drastically cutting logistics costs. In addition, the proximity of the assembly and machining areas allows for smoother management of production schedules and optimal synchronization between the two processes.

Finally, the combination of the production lines of drilling and sawing units, product categories that, in 80% of cases, are sold in tandem, further optimizes the production.

FICEP’s HR department, in order to feed the plant’s operations, has launched major recruiting initiatives to attract local talent and industry professionals. The professional figures sought are mainly from the technical area: assemblers, testers and travelling operators.

With the continuous Lean improvement of this new production department, which is now fully operational, Ficep Group is consolidating and reinforcing its assets in order to meet the growing needs of its customers and maintain its leading position in the sector of machine tools for the processing of angle profiles, beams and plates.


Eliminate manual layout and automate the welding processes of steel beams and structures with FICEP SABRE & E-LEXINGTON!

In today’s economy, fabricators are constantly confronted with the limited skilled labor force availability when it comes to the layout and welding required for structural steel fabrication. The FICEP SABRE, automatic welding robot, and E-LEXINGTON, laser projector for robotic welding, powered by AGT Robotics, in combination addresses the most labor intensive and challenging processes that fabricators are facing in today’s market. This powerful combination matches the productivity of 6-8 employees using manual layout and welding.

The SABRE and E-LEXINGTON eliminate manual layout and automate the welding processes of

  • Rolled structural steel shapes

  • Fabricated beam sections

  • And more


For decades the structural steel fabrication industry has been challenged with finding, training and retaining employees to produce accurate layout in a productive manner. The E-LEXINGTON eliminates the need for a layout person to read a drawing, decipher the information, then use a steel tape, square and soap stone to mark the relative surfaces to indicate locations, welding codes and any additional pertinent information.

The E-LEXINGTON in conjunction with CORTEX software, which accepts the CAD data automatically, projects accurately all the required information on the proper surface without manual manipulation of the CAD data. The fitter can then tack weld the appropriate detail on the main member to eliminate all the steps typically associated with manual layout. Material handling is reduced and much of the shop space that was previously required for manual fit-up stations are eliminated enabling enhanced throughput in the existing shop space.


Robotic welding with the SABRE is the second step of this one-two punch to enhanced productivity. The operator of the SABRE is tasked with the loading of the section after the detail has been tack welded at the proper locations into the automated welding positioners. As structural steel is subject to typical rolling tolerances the SABRE automatically senses all the relative surfaces so the robotic welding process can be generated without any manual manipulation.

The CORTEX software automatically interfaces with the CAD data to eliminate the need for manual programming or adjustments. While the robot is welding the first section the operator can tack weld and load the next tacked section into a second set of rotators. Once the SABRE has finished welding the first section the robot moves to the next section for welding while the first section is being unloaded by the operator in masked time.

In summary the following tasks are addressed automatically:

  • Positioning of the beams in the rotators

  • Downloading of the CAD info or auto-generate welds per your specifications

  • Generate welding paths

  • Associate welds with the correct weld schedule

  • Generate the joint laser finding paths

  • Create weld to weld movements

  • Establish the torch maintenance routines

  • Sequence the welds to prevent heat distortion

  • Rotate the beams to access all surfaces

  • Sequence welds to prevent heat distortion

  • Rotate beams to access all faces

  • Convert lengthy, longitudinal welds into stiches and more!


The E-LEXINGTON and SABRE increase productivity, addresses skilled labor shortages, frees up shop space, eliminates material handling steps and drastically reduces your cost per ton. Both products are modular in nature so their integration can be implemented in steps if desired. Our engineering team can review your application in detail and work with your firm to configure the proper configuration for your facility.

Are you interested to assist to a live demo on SABRE e E-LEXINGTON? Come to our headquarters in Italy or visit our booth at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN exhibition, which will take place in Essen-Germany, from 11th to 15th September 2023!


After its postponement due to the pandemic, the Pacific Structural Steel Conference is back.

The conference brings together experts in structural steel research as well as equipment and material suppliers from across the Pacific and beyond.

FICEP will participate at the conference as expert in the manufacturing of automated systems for structural steel fabrication.

Together with the staff of our subsidiary FICEP Hong Kong, we look forward to seeing you there.

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Over the years, FABEX Saudi Arabia has become a reference exhibition for steel construction sector in the particularly flourishing Arabian market.

Together with the staff of our subsidiary FICEP ME, we look forward to welcoming you to explore the potential of FICEP solutions and to show you how our experience in the sector can help you to increase the productivity of your company.

For more information about the exhibition click here:


After the success of the 2020 edition, we are pleased to return to the LAMIERA TRAINING DAY, the exclusive event organized by Tecniche Nuove Publishing Group dedicated to the industrial realities being part of the sheet metal processing world.

This year focus is automation in steel construction, and among the speakers, our Sales Manager Mr. Joshua Invernizzi will talk about the latest trends and Ficep solutions in sheet metal processing.

Register now for free:,concrete%20da%20portare%20in%20azienda.



We are pleased to invite you to MetalForm China, the exhibition dedicated to the forging and stamping industry.

This year’s edition focuses on the theme of “Intelligence, Innovation,” and in this regard, FICEP will present its ultra-performing solutions dedicated to the forging industry.

Write to us now to plan your visit and find out how to increase your company’s productivity.

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This year, FICEP will participate in MERCOPAR 2023, one of the most important fairs in Latin America dedicated to industrial innovation.

Together with the staff of the FICEP Brazil, we will be pleased to present the latest technological innovations, and to show you why FICEP can be considered the ideal partner to increase the productivity of companies in the steel construction sector.

For more information about the fair click here:

The new KATANA E series high-speed profile band sawing machine

The new Katana “E” series was born from the optimization of the previous belt cutting solution, with the addition of a significant number of interventions to improve its performance and versatility while lowering the value of the investment for the end customer.

The new band sawing machine Katana is a machine capable of remaining compact while performing inclined cuts even on important workpiece dimensions, equipped with solutions that optimize the working condition of the blade by increasing performance, durability and cutting quality, complemented by automation systems – for functionality of the system itself or for feeding and unloading operations of the cut pieces – that make it efficient in any production context, and designed with a modularity concept that sees it functional as a stand-alone machine but perfectly integrable in a complete profile and production line, downstream of the main machine that performs drilling, milling or other machining. All with a view to developing a solution equipped with the best components while containing the size of the investment, thus making Katana accessible to an even wider pool of potential customers.

Working Area
The structure of the machine base has been completely revised with a view to increasing the support area of the material to be processed as much as possible. This expedient makes it possible to automatically process the feeding and unloading of even large short parts.

Change in structure
Another clearly visible change, again in the structure, concerns the main arc within which the blade rotates, which is inclined by 15° with respect to the vertical axis of the machine. The benefits of this configuration are many, including:

  • Reduction in the twisting of the blade, resulting in reduced stress and increased blade life

  • Reduction in the length of the section subjected to torsion, resulting in a much more compact structure without reducing the working range

The structure is a cast iron one-piece, which allows for a more rigid structure that is less sensitive to forces generated by blade tension and vibration, putting Katana in a condition of high dynamic stability.

The new dual-position blade tensioning solution makes the blade more stable during machining: in the case of straight cuts or small angles, the forward position reduces the free length of the blade, making the system more rigid; in the case of inclined cuts, on the other hand, the system returns to the backward position to free the entire blade and allow machining at major angles on large workpieces.

Katana is also equipped with a system built into the cutting unit that can absorb the vertical vibrations to which the blade is subjected, further increasing process reliability and cutting quality while reducing machine noise.

Cutting under control
The entire cutting unit can slide vertically and smoothly thanks to two guides positioned on one side to act as hinges and a single guide on the opposite side that covers the function of a carriage. The structure thus does not deform because it is not constrained on either side, and sliding on the guides themselves is smooth resulting in increased cutting quality.

Movement along the vertical axis is entrusted to electric drives, which replace hydraulic ones, as they allow finer adjustment of the speed ramps of the blade descent, a key action in the case of variations in the thickness of the material being cut.

Correctly adjusting the speed at the different cutting stages is definitely an advantage in terms of productivity but also in terms of process reliability, because the blade advances at a speed proportionate to the amount of material to be cut. To make this adjustment happen automatically, Ficep has developed a mathematical model that recognizes the profile to be machined and on which it reconstructs the most suitable machining strategies.

From hydraulic to electric
Rotation of the cutting unit to perform inclined cuts also relies on electric drives replacing hydraulic ones. In this case, the main motivation is related to the greater precision of the movements that can be managed with electric solutions, which are less sensitive to temperature variations and more consistent in the precision of movement, as well as a significant increase in positioning speed with the consequent reduction in cycle times.

Easy integration
The care given to every aspect of the machine can also be seen by looking at the solutions adopted for material handling: the profile feed system is a motorized track equipped with a gripper that feeds the machine by pushing the material into the work area. Positioning accuracy is ensured by the use of racks with high accuracy class. In the unloading area of the cut part there are motorized roller conveyors that bring the part to the unloading area where automatic unloading benches can be installed. It is also possible to increase the degree of machine automation with the addition of a magnet unloading system that clamps the part and, sliding along an axis, brings it to the unloading area of the machine. This system is often equipped with additional shutter or traversing beam devices for unloading short workpieces.
The machine is operated directly by a CNC numerical control installed on board the machine, but its hardware and software architecture allows it to be quickly and easily incorporated into a line and easily managed through a line controller.

MTA Vietnam

MTA Vietnam, now in its 19th year, has become the largest manufacturing event in Vietnam over the years, bringing the world’s most modern and diversified products, technologies and solutions to the national industry.

We invite you to visit our booth and discover FICEP’s high-productivity solutions dedicated to steel construction.

Write to us to plan your visit now.

For more info about the fair click here:


We look forward to seeing you at MSV, one of the most important industrial trade fairs in Central Europe. This year’s edition in addition to specialist lectures, seminars and workshops, has Industry 4.0 and the Digtal Factory as its main focus.

On our stand we will showcase FICEP’s innovative Industry 4.0 solutions to increase the productivity of companies and the EXCALIBUR single-spindle CNC automatic drilling line for profiles.

Write to us to book your demo now.

For more information about the fair click here:

Steel Projects PLM 2023, our production management software’s latest release for steel fabricator, is now available!

The needs of steel fabricators are constantly and rapidly evolving. Indeed, they are always looking for functional evolutions that could improve their processes, and that keep up with the new technologies present on their market (software and machines).

To answer these demanding requests, we have to make our solutions evolve constantly. This is why Steel Projects invests a large part of its turnover in innovation.

Our R&D team consists of 20 developers who are specialists in steel construction and we do not outsource this task in order to keep control of this know-how. In addition, our organization includes a product committee that meets regularly to arbitrate development choices and thus satisfy as many people as possible efficiently.

All this is materialized by the release of two major versions per year, each time presenting a large number of new features. The 2023 version of Steel Projects PLM has been available since May 2nd.

What is new with Steel Projects PLM 2023?

Among its many improvements, this new release features:

  • Improvement of the management of various products (bolts, screws, doors, etc.)

  • Redesign of the 2D visualization

  • Improvement of the management of subcontracting

  • Simplification of the creation of welded beams

  • 3D visualization of parts on the loading and unloading benches

How to discover this version?

Our website features a webinar section in which you can find the webinars presenting that version, as well as the previous major versions. Go visit the following link, select the desired language and click on “Release of new versions” in the filters at the top of the page:

For more detailed information, download the dedicated release note from the following page:

Finally, you can contact our support team to plan your installation and discuss all the above.

Please note that new software releases are exclusively reserved to our customers having subscribed to our maintenance agreement: the SMART Program.

Steel Projects is the software division of the FICEP Group. Having first understood the importance of digital technology to enhance the performance of their machines, FICEP acquired the capital of Steel Projects in 2012, after many years of collaboration. Visit our website for more information about our production management software for steel fabricator.


We are pleased to invite you to the 42nd edition of SENAFOR. This year’s edition has as its main themes: INNOVATION, PRODUCTIVITY and ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

The event includes presentations by foreign and national guests, technical papers, and an area reserved for exhibiting companies, where we will be present. We look forward to showing you the latest technological innovations and solutions to increase the productivity of companies in the forging industry.

For more information on the event click here:

FICEP CADDY: the range of high-productivity mechanical billet shears for customers who need to get perfect parts in weight and size

CADDY range of mechanical shears is the most efficient solution for producing perfectly cut parts, fully automatically, from the bar bundle to the selection and unloading of billets.

The ability of this range of machines to meet the needs of the industries it is aimed at-automotive, petrochemical, aerospace, earthmoving and others – comes from our deep-rooted experience, gained over nearly a century in the forging and stamping industry: we are, in fact, able to offer all the technologies necessary for the development of a complete line, from bar cutting – with the ultra-performance shears for hot, semi-hot and cold cutting of round and square bars in different sizes and materials, or with the range of high-speed disc saws – to the different lines of presses for forging.

CADDY range of mechanical horizontal slide shears can cut any type of material and, within the forging and stamping production cycle, is placed at the head of the process bringing a high contribution in terms of efficiency in the most varied fields of application, meeting the needs of:

  • High productivity: up to 120 cuts per minute

  • Cutting quality: best quality in terms of parallelism, flatness, roughness or absence of burrs

  • Precision of the finished part in terms of weight and dimensions: maximum precision with less billet waste

  • Production cost optimization: state-of-the-art technology for the lowest cost per cut

  • Shop space optimization: no foundation required

  • Safe and healthy working environment: fully automatic systems with minimum operator effort


In many industrial areas of application of the various technologies proposed by FICEP, the quality of the cut is one of the main drivers guiding production choices: obtaining perfectly cut parts, while limiting the deformation of the cut part to a minimum, is a priority. CADDY’s design and engineering go right to this end.

In fact, CADDY mechanical shear has a unique design that can minimize distortion of the bar being processed and keep the volume of the cut piece constant. The shearing blades are made and mounted to conform to the outer diameter of the bar and minimize roll, during the shearing process. The dual traction roller system with end bar detection by encoder allows bar stability during cutting, facilitating the operation of the blades. CADDY is designed with a horizontal slide that allows the effective cutting plane to be adjusted so that it remains perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the bar being processed: the shear, in fact, can be rotated on its vertical axis with a suitable inclination to compensate for blade clearance and any rake angle, allowing cut surfaces to be obtained with superior quality. This provides a perfectly orthogonal cut with respect to the longitudinal plane of the bar and greater uniformity of the sheared end.

The possibility of integrating the laser detection station for bar tolerances before the cutting operation, guarantees an additional upgrade in cutting accuracy, which is highly appreciated where production standards are very demanding. Also in the case of high production standards, especially in connection with the cutting of critical materials with very high hardness, the system for preheating the bars, which enables crack-free cutting, is particularly suitable.

On the outfeed side of the blades, the self-positioning hydraulic gauge device, together with the hold-down, keep the bar in a straight position and eliminate rolling during cutting, further reducing bar distortion.

The mechanical action of the shear – unlike pneumatic or hydraulic drives – can ensure a high rate of productivity (up to 120 cuts per minute) while maintaining a constant, high quality of cut.

The line’s boost in automation contributes to the productivity of the processing cycle: for example, the automatic system that separates head and tail sections from finished parts rules out any manual sorting intervention by the operator. Meanwhile, the automatic loading table for rounds and squares feeds the conveyor belt to maintain continuous operation and eliminate any loss of productivity. To complement the automatic bar loader, FICEP proposes to combine both automatic magazines and AGV shuttles for laser-guided transfer of bar bundles from the steel stock to the machine table. The integration of all these highly automated solutions enables the company to offer increasingly high-performance and efficient cutting lines.

An interesting optional feature, which is increasingly in demand, is the automatic weighing system: after the pieces are cut, a conveyor belt with built-in scales performs a check of the actual weight of each piece, continuously recording the measured values; depending on production requirements, the cutting length can be automatically adjusted to keep the weight of the pieces within the tolerances set by the operator. The unloading belt with multiple outlets for the selection of different weight classes, in conjunction with the non-stop automatic changeover device of the part collection bins and the function of optimizing the filling of the bins, extremely efficiently automate the unloading of parts, destined for the subsequent forging and stamping stages.

Many other optional can be integrated to make the technology even more performant, such as, for example, oversized benches to increase the autonomy of unmanned use, bar pre-heating system, bar washing stations, magnetic unloading devices for long parts, etc.

Finally, the HMI with which CADDY is managed allows simple and highly intuitive use of the production by the operator: the great attention that FICEP pays to the integration of its systems means that the different machines can communicate and exchange data. This continuous flow of information is available and usable through dedicated video pages that allow shop managers to calibrate production and optimize it according to different needs.


We look forward to seeing you at the ninth edition of the “Congreso Internacional de la Construcción con acero”.

This year the focus of the congress will be to promote the use of steel in construction and boost the development of the sector in Colombia. Our staff will be happy to show you the latest innovations in the steel construction sector and how your business can benefit thanks to FICEP solutions.

Write to us to book your visit now.

Visit the website to find out more about the congress:


We look forward to seeing you at the 27th METALTECH, the international exhibition of machine tools, metalworking and automation technologies.

Come and visit our stand and discover all Ficep steel construction solutions applied to different market fields: transmission towers, service centres, agricultural and earth moving equipment, bridges, industrial structures, onshore and offshore wind industry.

Write to us to plan your visit now.

For more info about the fair click here:

FICEP Intelligent Steel Fabrication

FICEP Invented the first automatic material handling systems in 1988 and have expanded their capabilities over hundreds of worldwide Installations.

That’s right; in 1988 FICEP installed the first integrated structural steel fabrication line with a fully automated material handling system. That was just the beginning as FICEP is the clear leader in automatic systems with hundreds of installations worldwide! During the past 35 years FICEP has drastically expanded the productivity of this automated comprehensive technology. This is the result of FICEP’s continuous devotion to industry leading developments in both software and hardware.

The Challenge

Since FICEP invented the first automated multi-spindle drilling line in 1965 there have been significant enhancements in drilling feed rates and positioning speeds of both the material being processed and the drill spindle axis performance. The process to increase the drill lines efficiency and eliminate non-productive cycles has perhaps plateaued for the moment with the sub-axis spindle positioning to enhance the “chip to chip” time.

FICEP’s focus, since it’s first fully automated material handling system in 1988, has been to enhance the efficiency of the material flow through the line.

The challenge was to increase the percentage of time that the work centers (sawing, drilling, scribing, coping, milling, thermal cutting and shot blasting) are actively engaged in processing and not waiting to start the next section.

How is the Optimum Layout Determined?

There are no two structural steel fabrications firm’s facilities that are identical. The combination of a plant’s layout, product mix, required processes and the needed throughput makes the challenge of designing the optimum layout unique. Actual past jobs of different types are downloaded to generate a specific productivity report based upon the type of contract.

Until FICEP developed “System Simulation” the engineering of a plant layout was typically based upon an interview process with the client. The goal was to try to achieve a layout that was the result of some educated guesses and assumptions. Today, FICEP uses proprietary software to evaluate how different job types and plant layouts can be simulated for a detailed productivity analysis.

Split work cells versus tandem systems, transfer tables capabilities/features and the material buffer zones sizes are just some of the variables that require evaluation.

“System Simulation” is a process where potential layouts are evaluated based upon the manpower requirements, capabilities, throughput and bottlenecks. Actual jobs and or sequences are imported into the PLM software that starts with material nesting and uses powerful algorithms to sequence the production in the most efficient fashion. Once the optimized workload is downloaded, the “System Simulator” shows the processing of the mults and finished parts in a 3D video mode to reflect the actual process times required to fabricate this production release. The “System Simulator” shows where bottlenecks develop and identifies work centers that can be underutilized waiting for material to fabricate. This innovative process enables different layout designs to be compared and further modified to determine which design achieves the maximum flexibility and productivity.

How does “System Simulation” enhance your daily productivity?

Once the preliminary shop loading for the structural steel fabricating line is determined, the software’s algorithms develop the optimum sequences of the selected production release. Prior to starting the actual production, the “System Simulation” can identify possible bottlenecks and any under utilized work centers. Once determined this innovative software can show how the systems total productivity can be increased by modifying or adding to the pending production release.

How does Intelligent Steel Fabrication function?

As the multed sections are loaded onto the line the material handler scans into the system the corresponding bar code from the cut list.

The sections are automatically positioned without an operator or attendant through the system. The path through the line or routing to the appropriate work cells is based upon the required processes and the optimum utilization of the systems capabilities. As a mult or cut part enters each work cell the stock length is verified and the appropriate CNC program is automatically selected to process the required objectives.


The benefits of “Intelligent Steel Fabrication” are numerous and cost effective. Most of the systems sold and installed by FICEP today feature “Intelligent Steel Fabrication” capability, as the benefits are extensive and easily justifiable as this automation cost represents a minimal investment as a percentage of the total systems cost.

Benefits Summary

  • Reduction in skill level in the workshop

  • Increased efficiency (loading/unloading/scrap handling done in masked time)

  • Less hours required per ton (human down times goes to zero for manual handling)

  • Production gains (gains from 30 to 50% just for automation in the handling)

  • Fewer mistakes (auto ID) of the beam types and size all areas are managed

  • Added value to process more efficiently

  • Positive bottom line

System Sequences

  1. Sections are automatically nesting to maximize material utilization.

  2. Data entry in conjunction with material loading is implemented with bar coding to eliminate possible mistakes.

  3. There is no need for an operator to select the proper program to process the part loaded into the infeed conveyor.

  4. The stock length is automatically verified.

  5. Material routing is performed in the most efficient manner and without any human involvement.

  6. Loss of time for an operator to organize and move material through the system is eliminated. All material functions occur in masked time while the work centers are performing the required processes.

  7. Efficiency and productivity is paramount with the system. For example, multiple parts are automatically loaded onto the infeed conveyor of the blaster with the proper spacing between sections to take full advantage of the shot blast pattern.

  8. Multiple operators that are required to drive a manual material handling system’s productivity are eliminated and replaced with a single attendant. Typically the attendant has time to perform the loading and unloading on and off of the system.

  9. As the process proceeds, Intelligent Steel Fabrication has 4-D capability to upload the production process back to the 3-D model to graphically show the real time status of the individual sections in the model.

  10. Production data can also be viewed on a Smart Phone in real time.

Take the opportunity to learn more about today’s features and benefits of FICEP’s Intelligent Steel Fabrication!


We are pleased to invite you to the 34th edition of MACHINE TOOL INDONESIA, Asia’s largest international exhibition for machine tools, metalworking and related industries.

Together with the staff of our subsidiary FICEP Hong Kong, we look forward to showing you the potential of FICEP solutions and how our expertise can take your business to the next level.

Write to us to plan your visit now.

For more information about the exhibition click here:


We are glad to invite you FICEP/DNC Técnica booth at EMAF – International Fair of machines, equipment and services for the industry, in Porto.

During the fair we’ll showcase our automatic gantry CNC high definition plasma & oxy-fuel cutting system for plates, KRONOS.

Come to visit our booth and require for your live demo!

Write to us to plan your visit now.

For more info about the fair click here:


We are delighted to return to MACTECH Egypt, the international trade fair dedicated to metalworking, CNC machinery and cutting and welding equipment.

The event, now in its 23rd edition, will be the perfect opportunity to discover our latest innovations, meet our team and explore solutions to revolutionise your company’s production processes.

Together with the FICEP Middle East subsidiary staff, we look forward to welcoming you to our stand.

Write to us to plan your visit now.

For more information about the fair click here:


We invite you to visit our stand at ITM Industry Europe in Poznan. This edition of the fair focuses on digital transformation, robotisation, artificial intelligence applied to the manufacturing industry.

At our booth, you can discover our INTELLIGENT STEEL FABRICATION solutions to optimize the workflow of your factory and increase the productivity based on Industry 4.0 perspective.

Write to us to plan your visit now.

For more info about the fair click here:


We look forward to seeing you at BUMATECH, the intercontinental event dedicated to the manufacturing industry, now in its 21st edition.

This year’s edition focuses on metalworking and sheet metal technologies, but also on the latest technological innovations: from robotic welding to automation and much more.

Together with our local representative ERFAB, we will let you explore the best FICEP technologies to boost your company’s productivity.

Write to us to schedule your visit now.

For more information about the exhibition click here:


We invite you to Project Qatar 2023, the International Construction Technology and Building Materials Exhibition.

In collaboration with the staff of FICEP Middle East, we will show you why FICEP is considered the worldwide leader able to satisfy every needs in the steel construction industry.

Write to us to schedule your visit now.

For more info about the fair click here:


We are pleased to invite you to the third edition of FORGETCH India, the biennial conference organised by the AIFI Association. This year the event will take place in Pune, the beating heart of the Indian automotive industry.

We look forward to seeing you there to present our latest technological innovations and to let you explore the benefits of FICEP’s solutions for the forging industry.

Write to us to plan your visit now.

For more information about the exhibition click here:


Forge Fair, North America’s largest event dedicated exclusively to the forging industry, will return to the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio and FICEP could not miss it.

Together with the staff of our local representative Campbell Press Repair, we will present FICEP complete solutions for the forging sector: very efficient presses for cold, warm and hot metal shaping, high performance shears for cold, warm and hot shearing of round and square bars, high speed disc saws to cover all cutting requirements, and automatic robotic handling.

Write to us to plan your visit now.

For more info about the fair click here:

XBLADE: the new FICEP automatic CNC drilling, milling and disc sawing line

The new XBLADE CNC line for drilling, tapping, milling and sawing with disc blade is capable of processing steel construction beams of different sizes, with sections up to 305×305 on three sides, 450×450 on one side and variable lengths thanks to its modular configuration. It performs complex operations of:

  • Drilling

  • Tapping

  • Milling

  • Sawing with disc blade

The XBLADE CNC line is a “universal” machine lending itself also to the machining of light alloy profiles.

The innovative feature of this machine is the ability to perform three axis machining even on inclined planes, in two different directions. The 5-axis head consisting of two rotating wrists positions the tool virtually anywhere in the working space. In addition, the introduction of the disc blade expands the range of processing that can be carried out without manual intervention: the integration of the blade with the 5-axis head makes it possible to work around the workpiece by intervening on 5 faces.

The machine tool changer system has 8 positions with standard tools, two positions for large tools and one position for the 560 mm disc blade.

The machine is equipped with roller supports to support the material during processing and allow the vices to be repositioned. The vices can be positioned along the X-axis and are locked in a defined position by means of a pneumatic cylinder.

The machine has a very compact design and the electrical cabinet is integrated on board, as well as the air conditioning and spindle coolant system.

Through Ficep’s Steel Project software, profile nesting can be programmed and optimized, and through the CAM software that generates the ISO program, the working cycle is launched with great ease.

Contact us to learn more on the new XBLADE!


LAMIERA, the international exhibition dedicated to the machine tool industry, is back again this year in Milan.

Come and visit our stand and discover our GEMINI and KRONOS CNC thermal cutting and drilling system for large plates. At the fair you will be able to attend to live DEMOS and to understand why FICEP can be the ideal partner to maximise your company’s productivity.

Write to us to plan your visit now.

For more information on the fair, click here:


Once again, FICEP will participate to Fabtech Mexico international trade fair, Mexico’s leading event for metal forming, fabrication, welding and finishing. On our stand you will be able to see the punching, drilling and marking line for plates up to 80mm thick P83E at work.

Write to us to schedule your visit now.

For more info about the fair click here:


We are pleased to invite you to the third edition of EXPO MAFE, consolidated as one of the largest events in Latin America in the manufacturing sector.

Together with our local representative we will show you all FICEP innovative solutions developed for the steel construction industry.

Write to us to plan your visit now.

For more information on the fair, click here:


We are pleased to invite you to the AUSTRALIAN MANUFACTURING WEEK, an industry exhibition encompassing all aspects of manufacturing in Australia.

The AMW is divided into 7 product zones: in our booth, located in the machine tool pavillion, our Staff will show you live demo on the VALIANT + KATANA automatic CNC drilling, milling and band sawing line for profiles.

Write to us to plan your visit now!

For more information on the fair click here:

FICEP first subsidiary FICEP FRANCE celebrates its 35th anniversary!

While congratulating Ficep France for this important milestone, we would like to share with our readers the most significant steps of the company history.

Ficep France was founded beginning of February 1988 with Mr. Yves Troy as President of the company, his wife Mrs. Marie Paule Troy as Accounting Manager and Mr. Lionel Martinat in charge of the machines installation and After Sales Service Department. Few months later, Mr. Eric Patat, today President and Commercial Manager of Ficep France, joined the company as Sales Manager. In one year they were 8 people, included 4 technicians dedicated for After Sales Service.

The great commercial attitude of Mr. Troy pushed the company to start immediately with important activities to promote FICEP brand in all the main Steel Fabricators and Forging companies.

In Autumn ’88 they invited a delegation of the SCMF (Association of French Steel Fabricators) to visit FICEP headquarters in Gazzada and a few months later they organised a large Open House in Gazzada to show our reality to the most important Steel Fabricators, and demonstrate our capabilities in terms of production and research and development.
This approach allowed them in a couple of years to double the sales forecasts of CNC machines!

Due to the high request for machines delivery, Ficep France soon realized the necessity to start assembling the CNC lines locally, in order to offer prompt deliveries to the local customers and increase their presence on the market. The result was exactly what they targeted!

In February 1990, Ficep France inaugurated their facilities in Camblanes: 1250 square meters of workshop and 510 square meters of offices, and they started the assembly of the first single spindle drilling line, today well known worldwide as Excalibur: from 12 machines per year they reached a few years later an amount of 80 machines per year!

Due to the high sales volumes, Ficep France decided to start withdrawing FICEP second hand machines and consequently to set up retrofitting activities.

From 1998 the company has been constantly growing and today the Camblanes site reached a total area of 3750 square meters of workshop and 710 square meters of offices, with 42 employees!

Besides France, the subsidiary is actively involved for sales, after sales and spare parts supply in:

  • Belgium;

  • Luxemburg;

  • Algeria;

  • Morocco;

  • Tunisia;

  • Sub Saharan African countries;

  • Nigeria;

  • Ghana.

Particularly in the African countries, they have set up an organization to stock spare parts and consumables, in order to offer a faster and more efficient service for local customers.

We have asked to Mr. Yves Troy, today Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ficep France, how he sees the company in the next 10 years:

We will have to develop permanently the quality and efficiency of our service.

We should be ready to double or triple the quantity of retrofitted CNC Lines, and we will have to extend our workshop to reach 5.000 square meters. Also, we will improve the capacity of our showroom to offer several CNC machines on stock for quick delivery.

Today we are leaders in the full automation fabrication system, so the next step will probably be the full robotisation.

We must be prepared to integrate new technologies in our range of products and consequently to teach our employees accordingly.

We actually face difficulties to recruit technicians to travel so we must organise a network of Service Engineers in each different area in France and in Africa to reduce the time to reach a customer. That is the main goal for the Future!

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