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We invite you to visit us at our stand at the IMTEX exhibition, organised by the INDIAN MACHINE TOOLS MFRS Association.

It will be a good time to learn more about our company and our product range, always full of news and innovation.

Come and visit us at Asia’s largest trade fair for steel machining.

If you need more information, please contact us or visit the fair website:

Our software division Steel Projects celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Steel Projects was founded in 1994 in Vienne (France), where its head office remains to this day. Since its first day in business, the company has been offering cutting-edge, innovative production management software solutions to steel fabricators. The company’s 30th Anniversary is an opportunity to look back at some of the milestones Steel Projects has achieved since it was founded.

The genesis of Steel Projects can be traced to the 1980s, when the concept took root within a steel fabrication company. It was by identifying a specific business need that the first software package was created, bringing together all the information needed to fabricate a part. A partnership was established with an Italian software editor to launch the first generation of software under the name “Tecno”. This was the start of the collaboration with the FICEP Group.

In 1994, Steel Projects formally emerged, introducing the“Win” software generation including WinSteel, WinSer, WinBar, WinNest, WinCN, and more, setting the stage for transformative advancements in the software industry for steel fabricator.

The 2000s intensified a deepening collaboration with the FICEP Group, marked by international expansion and the implementation of a combined machine and software sales strategy.

A pivotal moment arrived in 2008 when Steel Projects established its first foreign subsidiary in Canada, aligning with its ambitious global growth strategy.

In 2011, the company launched the Steel Projects PLM solution, the 3rd generation of Steel Projects software. This is an integrated, modular production management solution dedicated to the steel construction industry. It is currently the most comprehensive solution available to the various players in this sector. Its ergonomics are based on Microsoft standards.

The acquisition by the FICEP Group in 2013 marked a strategic moment as Steel Projects became part of FICEP “Intelligent Fabrication” strategy under the leadership of Mr. Didier Bonnet. Steel Projects becomes a business unit of the FICEP Group and is 100% owned by the Group.

Expanding its footprint, Steel Projects established its second foreign subsidiary in the United States in 2014, Steel Projects Corporation, in order to strengthen its presence in North America.

In 2017 Steel Projects launches its first mobile application to analyze the productivity of Ficep machines to meet a growing demand in industry which is the mobility in workshops. This first app will be followed by others with different functionalities (management of manual stations and real-time monitoring of workshop activity). This strategic shift reflects Steel Projects’ commitment to developing Industry 4.0-compatible solutions. This concept is now at the heart of the editor’s Research and Development strategy.

During 2019 as part of an external growth strategy, Steel Projects is acquiring Adatsteel software, which has a strong presence on the European market.

The year 2020 saw Steel Projects open an office in Italy, to improve its service for Italian customers.

By 2023, Steel Projects exceeds the threshold of 50 employees worldwide.

To consolidate its strong international presence, in 2024 Steel Projects opens its third foreign subsidiary in Malaysia. In addition to providing an ever-better service to its customers in the region, the company now covers a large number of time zones for its customer support.

Today, Steel Projects is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. This longevity testifies to the excellence of the solutions offered by the editor and the satisfaction they bring to its customers. Besides, it proves that Steel Projects is a reliable and solid partner with whom steel fabricators can consider long-term collaborations.

Finally, as part of its ongoing drive to offer its customers cutting-edge solutions, Steel Projects has launched its transition to the Cloud, with the availability of its solutions in web and SaaS mode planned for the future.

Steel Projects in figures:

  • Sales: Over €7,000,000 (2023).

  • Double-digit annual growth for over 10 years.

  • 52 employees (6 ongoing recruitments).

  • More than 2,500 customers in over 100 countries.

  • 3 international subsidiaries (Canada, USA and Malaysia) and one foreign office (Italy).

  • 14 nationalities in the team.

  • 6 languages spoken by team members.

  • More than 300 customer interventions per year.

  • Over 20% of sales invested in R&D.

FICEP: a single partner to enhance the productivity of wind tower and foundation fabricators

Wind energy is certainly one of the key drivers for reducing CO2 emissions by 2050.

To move towards this horizon, many nations are investing significant capital in the construction of onshore and offshore wind farms: the developers of these farms rely on companies capable of providing technological, quality, reliable, cost-effective and time-effective solutions for the success of their projects.

The main focus guiding the production management of these fabricators is production efficiency: it is therefore essential to be able to produce, while maintaining high and constant levels of product quality, always guaranteeing compliance with very tight tolerances, within certain timescales and realizing the margins necessary for the success of the company.

With FICEP, fabricators now have a technological partner at their disposal who is able to support them in all the machining processes pertaining to Area 1: all those processes, from the plate metal storage warehouse to the stages preceding rolling.
In fact, FICEP provides its own integrated technological solutions for the processes of

  • Shotblasting

  • Cutting and

  • Beveling by milling

The technological challenge facing fabricators around the world is to support the construction trend dictated mainly by the offshore market: building ever taller towers, with ever greater power generation capacities per single turbine.

The production of 15.0 MW per tower is the new benchmark in the sector and passes through rotors with diameters of more than 230 m (but we are likely to see 20 MW wind turbines and rotor diameters of more than 250 m). This requires the construction of increasingly massive and solid supporting structures (foundations: Monopile, Jacket, TP, Floating), capable of withstanding the enormous forces and tensions generated by the rotating moments of the blades.
Base diameters can reach or exceeding 9 meters for towers, while 12 m monopiles are a reality and there is already talk of 14/15 m and thicknesses of up to 160 mm and more.

FICEP, with its technological offer, which covers the stages of shotblasting, cutting, and beveling, supports fabricators in facing this complex technological challenge.

The RB shotblasting machines, the Kronos machines for thermal cutting – plasma and oxyfuel – and the Energy machines for beveling (edge preparation by milling) are high-performance, reliable production tools supported by excellent service, capable of providing wind tower fabricators with a real competitive advantage throughout Area 1.

The other, equally important, challenge is the optimized management of production in terms of cost/benefit: in this regard, the performance and integration of FICEP’s machineries guarantees greater productivity.

Producing efficiently today is an essential step for the success of the company: it is necessary to produce, guaranteeing the optimization of costs, times and materials. In this regard, FICEP plays the card of integrating its technologies.

The integration of the machines generates a significant advantage in terms of production efficiency: having a single technological interlocutor for all the processes in Area 1 means, in fact, dialoguing with a single interlocutor, which greatly simplifies communication.

It is equally important in terms of production efficiency that machines can interface, be in communication with each other, and constantly provide a complete picture of production data for tracking and necessary adjustments.

RB: shot blasting systems

FICEP offers a wide range of shotblasting machines with different characteristics and working speeds, intended for the surface treatment of plates. The machines can be supplied as single units or integrated into highly complex systems.
The RB range guarantees very high performance for the blasting of plates, being equipped with the latest version of ETA-patented turbines that offer excellent performance and unbeatable durability thanks to the special hardened steel blasting components.

In view of the increased demand for plates thicknesses up to 250 millimeters, FICEP is the optimal solution both in terms of thermal cutting with the Kronos range, and for beveling by milling with the Energy range. These are modular systems: once the working width is established, bench and rails lengths of up to 60 m and more can be achieved.

KRONOS: automatic gantry CNC high-definition plasma & oxy cutting systems

The Kronos range, dedicated to the wind energy sector, covers a variety of plate widths from three to four and a half meters in standard configuration or more on customized solutions.

The Kronos can be equipped with four high-performance oxy-fuel torches, triple oxy-fuel torches, one or two high-definition plasma torches, for straight or bevel cuts, with the latest Hypertherm or Kjellberg power sources.

It can be equipped with independent motors and allows the cutting of sheet metal into rectangular, trapezoidal or curved shapes (banana) for subsequent rolling, as well as the creation of the welding preparation bevel already, thanks to the 3D bevel plasma head, the 3D bevel oxyfuel torch or the triple torch oxy-fuel head with manual, semi-automatic or automatic configuration.

The cutting bench consists of a robust grid that guarantees the stability of the plate during processing.

ENERGY: CNC gantry working center for plates edge milling, drilling and marking

Energy is the new CNC working center, designed and manufactured for beveling through milling, drilling and marking of plates, intended for the construction of wind towers and foundations (Monopile, Jacket, Pin pile, Suction bucket, TP, Floating).
Energy is an innovative and powerful technological solution, designed to guarantee high productivity, machining versatility and performance.

Energy is characterized by high machining speed; precision and high chip removal capacity thanks to the power generated by the 70 kW or 123 kW spindles; high productivity and the ability to handle 24-hour work cycles; very high precision thanks to the touch probe that allows the control of machining dimensions for absolute precision.

Energy has two special milling heads suitable also for drilling and marking operations. The machine can perform all typical bevels required in preparation before rolling, such as Y, K, X, V or J (or any other type). Programming can take advantage of DXF import via the PLM to interface with a pre-loaded tool magazine and create the machining program.

The same PLM can also be used for the cutting machine (plasma or oxy-fuel) to generate the correct program in order to obtain the exact dimensions (extra material) for the next milling phase. Programming on board the machine without necessarily having to go through the technical department is also available.

Flexibility and productivity: the new FICEP precision forging line

The forging industry has reached a new level of flexibility and versatility with the introduction of the revolutionary Precision Forging production line developed by FICEP. This advanced production system was specially designed for a major automotive customer, which manufactures its heavy-duty truck components in-house. The line offers a wide range of process combinations for the production of gears with forged teeth of various sizes and complexities.

Forging automotive components requires advanced and flexible technologies: FICEP is redefining the future of flexible forging with this new line.

Flexibility = Productivity
Flexibility is synonymous with productivity, the key to efficient and optimized production that fits every need. The precision forging of gears and other automotive components requires highly sophisticated presses and state-of-the-art technologies that can guarantee high-level performance, both from a tolerance and productivity standpoint. Integrated in are FICEP’s robotic systems providing flow automation, in a variety of configurations meeting a wide range of manufacturing needs.

A single line with multiple operating combinations
The line can handle different operating combinations, allowing a wide range of finished parts. In the basic version, there are five operating combinations (expandable to seven), revolutionizing the traditional approach based on separate production lines for each type of part. Instead of following the conventional route, this line allows parts to enter at any point, as different sections can work independently. The result is a significant reduction in costs and a significant optimization of production efficiency, all thanks to the outstanding flexibility of this production line. Instead of relying on multiple lines, following a standard industrial model, in this case we have a single line that can handle all aspects of the production process.
The FICEP line makes it is possible to produce a complex part that needs the full cycle-preforming and stamping-or to forge two even very different parts at the same time. To enable this optimization, the robotic systems play a key role in loading & unloading, operating in a harmonized and integrated manner with the other systems on the line.

Perfect combination
The essential aspect of this new line installed by FICEP is the synergy between the custom configuration tailored to the specific needs of the customer and the harmonized integration of robotic automation. This combination generates concrete benefits for the customer who has access to increased productivity, adaptive capabilities and greater precision.

The preliminary stage of the line involves a high-performance S-series disc saw from FICEP: this type of sawing machine is characterized by a particularly strong and rigid construction that guarantees speed, precision, cutting quality and reduced scrap. The cutting line also includes weighing, control, and grading functions: the billets produced by the sawing machine are graded and distributed in different bins.

The entire production line is controlled by a central system, which generates labels with QR codes showing all the product data, quantity and weight of the piece in the bin. Throughout the process, QR codes enable monitoring and quality control, ensuring the overall efficiency and accuracy of the production line.

A complete system
Downstream from the main furnace, the production cycle includes two 6-axis robots from the RF series capable of meeting any handling requirements during all phases of the molding cycle. One robot retrieves the part and transfers it to a hydraulic press model HF 2000. This press is designed with a dual station, one side and one center, to perform dual operations. Although not always necessary, in the case of hot molded parts, the initial operation involves scorifying the oxidized billet to remove any slag that might contaminate the mold. Next, the same robot transfers the part to the second central mold, where it can undergo both molding and preforming. The introduction of a second robot marks the next step in the process. This robot retrieves the part from the first or second station and moves it to FICEP’s Direct Drive DD 270 screw press deputed to shaping and stamping operations.

FICEP’s Direct Drive DD 270 press is distinguished by:

  • Increased impact speed and thus reduced die wear

  • Significant reduction in cycle time, thus enabling higher productivity

  • Very high efficiency that under certain conditions allows electricity savings of more than 50 percent More energy available and totally achievable as early as three-quarters of the ram stroke

  • Programmable energy with absolute precision and repeatability for both single and multiple strokes with different energy values

  • Simplified maintenanc

After forging, a third robot retrieves the part from the DD 270 and places it on the HF 400 hydraulic press, which has a capacity of 400 tons. This particular press is used exclusively for one or two operations, such as blanking the outer flash and removing the inner bottom on larger parts. This complete process constitutes the first part of the plant’s operations: preforming, forging and trimming.

Downstream from the forging line we find the calibration process of both cold and hot molded parts, which will previously undergo a normalization step in an oven. This normalization is necessary to eliminate any stresses within the material after forging. This process also causes oxidation of the part, which must be removed by sandblasting. Although sandblasting compromises the surface to some extent, it is essential to remove this oxidation before final calibration. The parts are then taken to a dedicated area, where another HF 2000 hydraulic press-similar to the previous one, is used to cold calibrate the parts. The purpose of this calibration process is twofold: to obtain the correct surface roughness of the teeth and to restore all the tolerances expected for the part. This area consists, in addition to the HF 2000, of two 6-axis robots from the RF series deputed to loading and unloading parts in the press: the robot deputed to loading is equipped with a 3D vision system that allows it to be positioned correctly in the mold. A third RF robot goes in for special mist lubrication to improve material micro-slides during calibration.

FICEP’s new Precision Forging line thus represents an important milestone in the forging industry, bringing with it an extraordinary combination of flexibility and productivity. This innovative custom line, designed for a leading automotive customer, has proven that flexibility is the key to efficient and optimized production that can adapt to any requirement.

17th Symposium IMCA

The FICEP team is pleased to invite you to the 17th International Symposium on Steel Structures, which will be held in Monterrey (MX) from February 28th to March 1st, 2024.

It will be a good opportunity to connect with industry experts such as the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC), and many other international speakers.

Come and learn in person about the important contribution FICEP offers to the steel construction industry, our staff will be happy to introduce to you all our news!

For more information about the exhibition click here:


We are pleased to invite you all to visit our Stand at MECSPE 2024, the international reference exhibition for the manufacturing industry that will be held in Bologna from 6 to 8 March.

The path of MECSPE, composed by 13 synergic exhibitions, will be for visitors and exhibitors an important occasion to know the main technological innovations in the field of industrial processes.

FICEP will be present with a high-performance disc sawing machine, the S56 model, and the team will be at your disposal to give you all the information about our forging-related production range and to show you our presented model up close.

Read more about the exhibition at this address:

Contact us to plan your visit!


FICEP is pleased to invite you to the World Smart Energy Week in Tokyo, from February 28th to March 1st at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center.

The event will showcase a wide range of technologies for renewable energies, including hydrogen, fuel cells, solar energy, rechargeable batteries and much more related to zero-impact thermal energy production.

Our team will be at your disposal to provide you with all the information about our production and solutions for the plates edge preparation dedicated to the onshore and offshore wind industry sector.

If you need more information, please contact us or visit the fair website:


We are excited to invite you to our booth at BLE.CH, a leading trade fair for sheet metal, metal and steel processing to be held March 13-15 in Switzerland. This will be an unmissable event dedicated to digitization processes and future technologies in robotics, systems and tools for sheet metal and steel manufacturing!

This event will be a unique opportunity to explore future trends and technologies in the industry and get up close to our reality thanks to our qualified staff on the booth!

Contact us for more information and to arrange your visit!
For more information visit the exhibition website:


STOM BLECH & CUTTING, an exhibition dedicated to steel working and cutting, proved to be an immense success in 2023, and we confirm our participation for 2024 as well! This exhibition, held in Kielce, Poland, gathers all the best manufacturers of steel fabrication machinery.

At our booth you will have the opportunity to attend live demos on our CNC plate processor P27E which not only carries out the drilling operation, but can also mark, thread and scribe the plates.

Visit us to learn more about other features of this machine!

For more information about the show, visit the website:

Contact us to arrange your visit!



FICEP is renewing its presence at the NASCC exhibition in San Antonio (USA) for 2024. This fair is the main event for the design and construction of steel buildings and bridges.

We will be glad to welcome you to our booth together with the staff of the U.S. subsidiary, FICEP CORP, where we will show you our EXCALIBUR, the single-spindle line for CNC drilling of profiles for steel construction industry. This machine represents an innovation in the beam drilling range being extremely versatile, compact and an excellent solution for small and medium-sized companies.

Come visit us and book your attendance now!

Visit the trade show website for more information:


FICEP is pleased to invite you to the WIND EUROPE exhibition in Bilbao, which will be held from 20 to 22 March. This fair will focus on the wind energy sector in which Spain is among the European leaders.

Our staff will be on hand to show you all the news and innovations that FICEP offers for the wind energy sector.

Stop by and visit us at our booth!

Contact us now to schedule your visit.

For more information about the fair, visit the link:


Global Industrie 2024 represents the commitment and pride of the steel processing industry. FICEP will take part in the exhibition presenting the XBLADE, the innovative machine that performs complex operations of:

  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Milling
  • Sawing with disc blade

A team of experts will be at your disposal to show you the main features and live demos of this brand new machine in our range.

Contact us to plan your visit!

See the exhibition website for more information:


We are excited to invite you to visit our booth at the MACTECH 2024 exhibition, which will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from April 30th to May 2nd.

MACTECH 2024 is a prestigious international exhibition dedicated to metal forming machines, industrial tools, hardware, fasteners, welding, and cutting equipment.

We invite you to explore the innovations we offer, characterized by high quality and advanced technological content. It will be a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and technologies in the industry.
Don’t miss the chance to visit our booth and discover our innovative solutions.

For more information about the exhibition, we invite you to visit the official website:

Contact us to reserve your spot and ensure an unforgettable experience at MACTECH 2024!

We look forward to seeing you!

JIWS Japan 2024

We are pleased to invite you to the JAPAN INTERNATIONAL WELDING SHOW. This event will take place in Osaka, Japan, from April 24th to 27th.

The JAPAN INTERNATIONAL WELDING SHOW is Japan’s largest technological fair in the welding, joining, and cutting sector.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our booth, where our team is ready to present the VALIANT, our Automatic CNC drilling machine, as well as our drilling & band sawing and drilling & coping lines for sections.

For more information about the fair, please visit the official website:

We will be happy to address any questions you may have and assist you with your participation in this important event.

Feel free to contact us to reserve your spot!


You are cordially invited to visit our booth at the KAZAKHSTAN MACHINERY FAIR 2024, taking place in Astana, Kazakhstan, from April 24th to 26th.

The Kazakhstan Machinery Fair is a unique international exhibition, representing the main event in the field of engineering and metalworking in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

We invite you to discover the latest innovations in the forging industry at our booth. It will be a unique opportunity to explore the newest advancements and technologies in the sector.

For more information about the fair, please visit the official website:

Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment at our booth and secure your privileged spot!

We look forward to your visit!


You are cordially invited to visit our stand at the INTERTOOL 2024 exhibition, which will be held in Wels, Austria, from April 23 to 26.

INTERTOOL focuses on machine tools and precision tools for the processing of parts, as well as equipment, techniques, technologies, and systems along the entire process chain.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover our exceptional machine for processing steel beams, the EXCALIBUR, a single-spindle CNC automatic drilling line for sections.

We warmly invite you to visit the fair’s website for more information

Contact us to schedule an appointment at our stand. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know our innovative solutions up close and to discuss your production needs with our expert team.

We look forward to seeing you there!

AMW 2024

Come visit us at the Australian Manufacturing Week (AMW) fair in Sydney, from April 17th to 19th, to discover the latest industry innovations!

AMW is the benchmark event where the latest innovations in steel processing are showcased. And we at FICEP are thrilled to be there to showcase our latest products.

Visit our booth and you’ll have the opportunity to get a sneak peek at FICEP’s new innovations. We’ll be delighted to welcome you and walk you through all the capabilities of our machinery.

For further information about the event, we invite you to visit the fair’s website:

Contact us to reserve your spot!

MACH 2024

Immerse yourself in the realm of steel manufacturing excellence at MACH 2024, taking place March 15-19 in Birmingham!

MACH 2024 is a key event in the UK, promoting inspiration, innovation and connectivity within the manufacturing sector.

We are pleased to announce our participation in this extraordinary event, showcasing our latest innovation in steelmaking: the XBLADE. Our team of experts will be on hand to demonstrate the outstanding capabilities and functionality of XBLADE. You will be able to see firsthand its skill in drilling, tapping, milling and sawing, capable of precisely handling various profile shapes.

Visit our booth to learn more about industry-leading technologies and solutions. Prepare to be fascinated by our innovative machine and imagine the possibilities they offer.

Take the opportunity for a unique and enriching experience.
Find out more by visiting:

We look forward to your presence at our booth!


We announce our presence at TechniShow exhibition to be held from 12 to 15 March in Utrecht, Netherlands. TechniShow is the largest and most significant exhibition in the Benelux for industrial production techniques, machining and processing of metals, plastics, accessories and tools.

FICEP will take part in the fair with XBLADE, a brand new and innovative machine in the company’s product range. A team of experts will be at your disposal to show you live the main features and operation of this machine, capable of drilling, tapping, milling and sawing with disc blade different profile shapes.

Visit the trade fair website for more information:

Contact us to plan your visit!

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