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April 19, 2024

Enhancing productivity and safety through automation with FICEP VALIANT & KATANA systems

Valiant + Katana

In the steel construction realm, efficiency and automation stand as cornerstones for achieving top-tier quality standards promptly and reliably. FICEP, a global frontrunner in automated steel processing, meets these imperatives through its integrated solution featuring the Valiant drilling unit and the Katana band saw.

  • Enhanced Productivity through Accelerated Processes

  • The Valiant + Katana system shines particularly bright in its swift process execution, empowered by cutting-edge automation and technology. This amalgamated approach significantly slashes total processing time, notably outperforming scenarios reliant on specialized labor for finishing stages. The process maintains a high level of control and predictability, aiding in streamlined production planning. With Valiant, alongside drilling, automatic marking and milling operations come into play, leaving only welding ahead of the final painting phase.

    On the cutting front, KATANA enables operators to swiftly execute both straight and mitered cuts up to 60° while maintaining impeccable precision and cut quality.

  • Crafted for High Speed and Precision

  • These saws boast construction features tailored for high-speed performance while upholding stringent cutting quality standards. Horizontal and vertical hydraulic clamps maximize workpiece stability, while robust motor power and band saw blade rotation speeds ensure efficient operations. Automated handling phases further enhance productivity.

  • Driving Performance with Direct Drive Spindles

  • The production momentum of this integrated system hinges on FICEP’s innovative Direct Drive spindles, channeling 100% of the motor power to the tool, thus elevating processing performance even further.

  • Unmatched Precision and Flexibility with Complementary Axis

  • The sub-axis present on all three spindles of the Valiant drilling center ensures maximum precision and operational flexibility. This feature enables simultaneous drilling on various profile surfaces, even when dealing with misaligned holes. Additionally, the lower scribing device, also equipped with a complementary axis, allows simultaneous scribing on all four sides of the profile, facilitating diverse applications and complex operations.

  • Seamless Operations with Automatic Tool Changer

  • Another standout feature is the automatic 14-position tool change system available on each Valiant spindle, enabling uninterrupted operations and minimizing setup times.

  • Efficiency and Safety Amplified: Valiant and Katana Integration

  • Combining the multifunctionality and versatility of Valiant with the cutting precision and productivity of the CNC automatic band saw Katana enables a single operator to accomplish multiple tasks in a single pass, avoiding labor-intensive and hazardous handling stages.

  • Streamlined Installation without Costly Civil Works

  • The integrated system’s installation stands out for its simplicity, requiring no expensive civil works. This translates to significant time and cost savings for customers, enabling quick production commencement and minimizing downtime.

  • Remote App Control for Full Automation

  • The Valiant + Katana system’s most significant advantage lies in its potential for full automation. With remote control via a mobile app, operators can monitor and manage the system from anywhere, optimizing production efficiency even beyond regular working hours and during downtimes.

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