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High performance sections multi-spindle drilling, sawing and thermal cutting


Plates thermal cutting, drilling and milling


9 axes sections thermal coping

Since its founding Ficep has reached out and grown the business as a result of actively marketing their products in the global market. This has enabled the firm to traditionally grow substantially over the years.

This global strategy, where we traditionally sell products to approximately 120 countries annually, has enabled us to view and solve the most challenging of applications in the steel fabrication industry.

As to the civil and industrial buildings sector, Ficep is wihout any doubt the worldwide leader thanks to the wide range of systems which are able to satisfy an manufacturing request.

Let us take a look at your application, as chances are we have already solved in somewhere else in the world!

Our solution in details

VALIANT - Automatic CNC drilling, drilling & band sawing, drilling & coping lines for sections

The Valiant CNC drilling line features unique capabilities when fabricating structural steel.

The Valiant represents the latest evolution in our drill line range and is joined with the Orient and Vanguard drilling lines from Ficep.

This product line is a new three-spindle system for the processing of the complete range of rolled structural steel shapes. These new models are the result of the constant commitment by our Engineering Team in addressing the requirements of the world’s structural steel fabricators. In addition to the many industry leading innovative designs and features of the other structural steel drilling lines in our range, the Valiant incorporates several additional unique features and benefits, as described here below.

  • Sub-axis spindle positioning on all three spindles
  • Diverse milling capabilities include for example weld prep, rat holes, copes, flange thinning, large holes, mechanical openings and more
  • Scribe on four sides simultaneously.
  • 14 positioin tool changer for each spindle
  • Can be integrated in tandem with a Ficep saw or robot for thermal cutting
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GEMINI - automatic gantry CNC drilling, milling and thermal cutting systems for large plates

The gantry style Gemini plate processors deliver unique fabrication capabilities in one work center.

When it comes to plate processing, the Gemini incorporates such plate fabrication operations, with one or two independent spindles, as drilling, milling, scribing, countersinking and more.

The Gemini’s spindle or spindles, each features sub-axis spindle positioning. This design permits typical hole patters to be drilled without the need to un-clamp the material, reposition the gantry and then re-clamp the plate after each operation. This feature is ideal also for such other operations as milling where the plate can be rigidly clamped during milling.

The Gemini can also be equipped with multiple oxy-fuel and Gemini torches for both straight and bevel thermal cutting operations.

In plate processing applications that do not require milling Ficep’s Kronos maybe the right solution for your firm.

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NOZOMI - Automatic 9 axes CNC thermal coping robot

Ficep has taken advantage of Hypertherms “True Hole” technology by incorporating this with Fanuc robotics. These two technologies have been incorporated with Ficep’s software and rack and pinion material positioning for the efficient thermal cutting of structural steel members.

This marriage of technologies enables such typical operations on structural steel to produce bolt holes, copes, flange thinning, cutoff, weld prep, mechanical openings and more. The torch can also be used for marking and layout on all four surfaces. Ficep’s software can automatically identify and extract all the required intersections of mating sections and perform layout marks at these locations. In addition to layout, the software will generate the program to produce the part number of the mating member, its orientation mark and the required welding symbol.

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