19 czerwca 2023

Eliminate manual layout and automate the welding processes of steel beams and structures with FICEP SABRE & E-LEXINGTON!


In today’s economy, fabricators are constantly confronted with the limited skilled labor force availability when it comes to the layout and welding required for structural steel fabrication. The FICEP SABRE, automatic welding robot, and E-LEXINGTON, laser projector for robotic welding, powered by AGT Robotics, in combination addresses the most labor intensive and challenging processes that fabricators are facing in today’s market. This powerful combination matches the productivity of 6-8 employees using manual layout and welding.

The SABRE and E-LEXINGTON eliminate manual layout and automate the welding processes of

  • Rolled structural steel shapes

  • Fabricated beam sections

  • And more


For decades the structural steel fabrication industry has been challenged with finding, training and retaining employees to produce accurate layout in a productive manner. The E-LEXINGTON eliminates the need for a layout person to read a drawing, decipher the information, then use a steel tape, square and soap stone to mark the relative surfaces to indicate locations, welding codes and any additional pertinent information.

The E-LEXINGTON in conjunction with CORTEX software, which accepts the CAD data automatically, projects accurately all the required information on the proper surface without manual manipulation of the CAD data. The fitter can then tack weld the appropriate detail on the main member to eliminate all the steps typically associated with manual layout. Material handling is reduced and much of the shop space that was previously required for manual fit-up stations are eliminated enabling enhanced throughput in the existing shop space.


Robotic welding with the SABRE is the second step of this one-two punch to enhanced productivity. The operator of the SABRE is tasked with the loading of the section after the detail has been tack welded at the proper locations into the automated welding positioners. As structural steel is subject to typical rolling tolerances the SABRE automatically senses all the relative surfaces so the robotic welding process can be generated without any manual manipulation.

The CORTEX software automatically interfaces with the CAD data to eliminate the need for manual programming or adjustments. While the robot is welding the first section the operator can tack weld and load the next tacked section into a second set of rotators. Once the SABRE has finished welding the first section the robot moves to the next section for welding while the first section is being unloaded by the operator in masked time.

In summary the following tasks are addressed automatically:

  • Positioning of the beams in the rotators

  • Downloading of the CAD info or auto-generate welds per your specifications

  • Generate welding paths

  • Associate welds with the correct weld schedule

  • Generate the joint laser finding paths

  • Create weld to weld movements

  • Establish the torch maintenance routines

  • Sequence the welds to prevent heat distortion

  • Rotate the beams to access all surfaces

  • Sequence welds to prevent heat distortion

  • Rotate beams to access all faces

  • Convert lengthy, longitudinal welds into stiches and more!


The E-LEXINGTON and SABRE increase productivity, addresses skilled labor shortages, frees up shop space, eliminates material handling steps and drastically reduces your cost per ton. Both products are modular in nature so their integration can be implemented in steps if desired. Our engineering team can review your application in detail and work with your firm to configure the proper configuration for your facility.

Are you interested to assist to a live demo on SABRE e E-LEXINGTON? Come to our headquarters in Italy or visit our booth at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN exhibition, which will take place in Essen-Germany, from 11th to 15th September 2023!

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